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More customers

By teaming up with similar complementary businesses, you each access a global pool of customers

Global awareness

Building a legacy brand that's recognised by millions worldwide

Attract investment

Teaming up with similar businesses, it creates a diversified investment opportunity for investors

A platform for growth

We specialize in partnering with business owners, helping them realize their growth or exit strategy

Increasing shareholder value

Our platform helps owners increase the value of their business.  As a group, we're stronger & more valuable together, than if we all worked in isolation.

Experienced leaders

Using our Momentum Framework, we work with each business to implement strategies for growth, whilst maintaining the owners vision, values and culture.

Our board is composed of experienced leaders in private equity, hospitality, investment banking and real estate.

The 'Holdco' platform

Using a 'Holdco structure', we bring together a collection of complimentary businesses within an industry vertical

Investible teams

Most small businesses fail to raise investment, because they lack a full management team.  By installing a management team to drive the Holdco structure, this solves the problem & creates the perfect investment vehicle for both SME's & investors

Synergy of independence

Whilst each business in the platform remain independent, there are still synergies & other benefits that can be achieved, that otherwise would only be available through a traditional merger or acquisition process

Private equity for SME's

Using this private equity model, it creates the perfect vehicle for investors to access the small business market, including diversification, scale & liquidity

Using the right growth strategy

Each business in the platform receive support & guidance to grow their business, using both organic and M&A strategies

Our foundation

Most of the worlds problems can be solved by providing access to capital, and access to opportunity.  Our profits are reinvested into the local communities to improve healthcare, education, housing, food, energy, waste, & water facilities.

Our intention is to transform the lives of the next generation.

The process

Past examples

Do you want to grow or exit your business?  We're looking to acquire profitable businesses in the hotel resort, travel management, travel marketing and wellness verticals.

If you're an owner of a business that fits our criteria, and you want to maximize the value of your business in the next five years, we want to have a conversation.

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