Enyaw Capital helps businesses get the fuel they need to accelerate their journey.  Our portfolio includes the Real estate services, Tourism, Wellness, Media production & Marketing sectors.

We're a group of private investors that have each owned, grown & sold our own 7 & 8 figure businesses.  We're focused on collaboration, joint venture & shared reward partnerships.  We're aligned with your destination.

Our team

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Wayne is the Growth Guy

He has over 28 years experience growing SME's into 7 & 8 figure industry leaders.

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Charles is the Numbers Guy

He has over 40 years CFO experience with both public & private companies.

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Steve is the Technical Guy

He has over 45 years experience in property development & energy services.

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Jeremy is the IPO Guy

He has acquired over 50 companies, & IPO's around 20 SME's every year.

Our mission

More than 99.7% of families living in third world countries, live on less than $2 per day.  The western world believe, by giving charity this will fix the problem.  This does not fix the problem, but instead creates a reliance economy.  These people don't need charity, they need access to opportunity, and access to capital.

Our mission is lift millions of people out of poverty, creating opportunity, creating jobs, and improving living conditions & infrastructure, whilst providing access to capital through our projects & investments.

Our purpose

Our vision is to create a freedom based economy for humans to function, a completely self sustainable ecosystem.

We believe this is how to solve all of the world problems. 

Our core values

Our core values dictate who we are, how we show up, and the impact we make on the world


Innovating new ways, to create a new future


Working with great partners, delivering great outcomes


Finding solutions that benefit everyone


Taking ownership, & leading through completion


Breaking down barriers, & building new paths


Bringing fun into business

A century of heritage

Our roots originate a century ago, when Fred Fletcher, set up the origins of what would later become The Enyaw Group.  Read more about where it all started.