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Less stress

Our team have over 100 years combined experience, turning businesses around

Money in the bank

Using our IMPACT Foundation we build a strong financial foundation for your business

Future relevance

We reimagine the business, positioning it as a dominant industry disruptor for the future

Building a strong foundation

We strengthen each of the six core foundation pillars, that every business needs to survive a recession economy

Accommodating the future

We position your business to become dominant within your niche.  This means you're front of mind with prospective customers & they're willing to pay more for your offering

Partners in the process

We aren't interested in running your business.  You're the expert at what you do, we take care of everything else

Target sectors

Our focus is toward businesses we can work with for our own projects, helping you grow long term

Real estate services



Financial services

Media production

Marketing, PR & communications

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Download the Business Reignite Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much do you charge?

Most of the businesses we work with are in financial distress so they don't have the funds to pay for our support directly.  For this reason we normally take an equity stake in the business.

2.  How long does the process take?

The timescale really depends on the business & what's required to fix it.  With an average business it takes between 6-12 months, though the biggest impact is normally achieved in the first 90 days.  Occasionally, we'll implement a longer term plan of redevelopment, which can take up to five years to realize stabilization.

3.  How can I protect myself from you stripping assets, stealing my customers, or stealing my business?

We aren't interested in running your business ourselves.  You're the expert at what you do.  We don't have the technical skills or the relationships in place to replace you.  We work to become partners with you, putting in place the support systems & infrastructure to help you run the business successfully long into the future.  We aren't interested in stealing anything from anyone or stripping assets, this wouldn't benefit our reputation in the industry, and would be a very short term way of operating.  As you'll notice from our content, we think in decades, rather than weeks. 

4.  How long do we have to work together?

We're flexible in terms of working together after the initial turnaround.  We prefer to work with a business that can support our own project objectives longer term, but if that doesn't suit your own aspirations we can sell our equity stake in the business back to you.    

5.  I want to sell the business, can you buy it from me?

As a distressed business, the market value of the business is its liquidation value.  If we have someone in our network that could manage your business during the turnaround process, we can probably arrange to purchase your shares, however we may still need you to perform the handover process, especially if you directly deal with customers, staff or suppliers.

6.  I don't want to run the business anymore, can I just be an employee?

This is quite a common request, as business owners are tired of the stress involved with running a business.  We're happy to consider this on a case by case basis.

7.  My plan is to sell the business in five years, will you buy it from me?

Yes, if the business is suitable to support our own projects, we can purchase your shares in the business whenever you decide to move onto the next chapter in your life.  Alternatively, we can work with you in finding suitable & qualified buyers