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We've already walked your path, we know the shortcuts, but we also know the cliff edges too

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We have the proven strategies to make you number one in your market

Attract new customers

Becoming an outlier business means you automatically attract new customers to work with

Reach your target

The majority of businesses never achieve their goals.  It takes very specific steps to design & reach your desired future.

Using our own experiences, we guide you along the right path

Fill the gaps

We each have our personality strengths & roles we're best suited for.  For every small business trying to grow, it often means an owner must perform roles they're weak at.

Our support is designed to help you focus on your strong areas, while we take care of the rest

A strong foundation

The reason most businesses fail, is because they're missing at least one of the six core foundation pillars, every business needs to be successful.

Building your foundation means having a strong base, which you can then grow your business from

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The business academy provides you with all the strategies to grow your business.  By documenting the strategies & techniques we've used for over 60 years across multiple industries, putting them into a framework, you have everything you need to grow your business

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Reignite your business

Reignite is designed to breathe new life into your business.  Whether you're business is financially distressed, or it's just tired, Reignite reimagines your business & positions it as a dominant player in your market

Reignite your business

Xcelerate your business

Tourism Xcelerator is a platform where tourism businesses can attract investment & grow their business

Tourism Xcelerator

High growth industries

We focus on the high growth sectors of:

Real estate services



Financial services

Media production

Marketing, PR & communications

Our foundation

Most of the worlds problems can be solved by providing access to capital, and access to opportunity.  Our profits are reinvested into the local communities to improve healthcare, education, housing, food, energy, waste, & water facilities.

Our intention is to transform the lives of the next generation.

The Momentum Framework:
​Grow you business & dominate the market in any economy

Download our book, 'The Momentum Framework' written by Wayne Fox, where he shares a proven framework, of how to grow your business in any economy.

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Case studies

We can only work with a few businesses each year.  To be considered for a place, join our waiting list & we'll notify you when space becomes available

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